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The Best Scaffolding Manufacturers Recommended Time:2022-11-17

What are the Main Components of ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding?

ringlock scaffolding using at construction site

#1 ADTO Ringlock Standards
ADTO Ringlock Standards aim to give vertical support to the ringlock scaffolding system. And it comes in many different sizes to adapt to any structure. These can be bought with or without spigots. Standards are also known as vertical posts.


#2 ADTO Horizontal Ledger

ADTO Horizontal Ledgers aim to provide horizontal support for platforms and loads. They can also be used as guard-rails for safety purposes. These also come in a variety of sizes, to suit each situation.


#3 ADTO Ringlock Braces

A diagonal bay brace serves to give lateral support to the ringlock scaffold. They can also be used as guard rails in a stair system, or tension and compression members. A swivel clamp brace also serves as lateral support to the scaffold. Moreover, it can be used as an obtuse angle guard rail in stair systems.


#4 ADTO Truss Ledgers

A truss ledger is designed to increase the strength of the scaffold and enable it to hold more weight.


#5 ADTO Jack Base

The screw jack or base jack is the starting point of a ringlock scaffold. It is adjustable to allow for changes in height when working on an uneven surface.


#6 ADTO Brackets

Step down bracket serves to create a 250 mm step down, and can be attached to the kicker or base lift. Hop up brackets serve to extend the platform so as to get closer to the structure when it is not possible to do so with the main scaffold.


#7 ADTO Scaffolding Planks

Steel planks are responsible for creating the platform on which workers actually stand. They are positioned side by side, and the amount of planks that are used determines the width of the platform. Infill planks aim to create a link between multiple working platforms. They also prevent tools and other materials from falling off the platform.



adto ringlock scaffolding



How to Erect ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding Safely?

 A meeting must be held by the scaffolder staff before Ringlock Scaffolding’s erection to have a discussion on scaffolding’s erection procedures. Below is the detailed procedure of erecting Ringlock Scaffolding.


#1 Locate appropriate anchors for lifelines.


#2 Then discuss and fill out the required site-specific fall protection plan including rescue procedures.


#3 Ensure no other work is being performed directly above where you will be erecting scaffolding.


#4 Using base plates/screw jacks standards end frames to ensure adequate skills or pads are used.


#5 Connect the end frames with cross braces ensuring the unit is plumb and level.


#6 Install scaffolding planks or manufactured new aluminum scaffolding boards.


#7 Install the second row of end frames from the scaffolding planks and install cross braces. Install handrails, if required, pigtails and endstops.


#8 Ensure adequate safe passage/access to the Ringlock Scaffolding is maintained at all times.


#9 The worker on the top section must utilize fall protection equipment. Install the third row of end frames from the new scaffold boards below. Install scaffolding planks or manufactured new scaffold boards from below. Install cross braces, guard rails, pigtails, and endstops.



adto ringlock scaffolding applicated



Applications of ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding System


Scaffolding Tower

Scaffolding tower assembled with a ringlock scaffolding system is made up of the ledger, standard with a spigot, vertical diagonal brace, level diagonal brace, scaffolding planks with hooks and some dis-mountable step ladder.etc.


The advantages of the scaffolding tower

1. Safety scaffolding passage conformed to ergonomics

2. Meeting all kinds of construction requirements

3.Can be used as the emergency staircase in the public area

4.Optional single or double ladder

5.Assembling and dismantling easily and conveniently

6.Single structure with a few kinds of accessories

7.Can be quickly attached to the existing scaffolding system

8.Simple design and high bearing capacity

9.Can be moved with the crane or other kinds of lifting gear


Construction passage


Construction passage assembled with ringlock scaffolding is made up of the ledger, standard with a spigot, vertical diagonal brace, medium brace, scaffolding planks with hooks and ladders with hooks.


The advantages of Construction passage

1. Safety scaffolding channel confirmed to ergonomics

2. Systematic products can be assembled quickly and safely

3. Design for space-saving and logistics cost saving

4. The whole system consists of only a few types of accessories

5.Can be quickly attached to existing scaffolding

6.Simple design and high bearing capacity

7. The frame can be moved by the crane at one time


Working platform tower


The advantages of work platform tower

1.Used with wall form-work to bind scaffolding as steel reinforcement

2.Install universal coaster and turn it into mobile scaffolding

3.Used as outer wall scaffolding

4.Having a working platform, easy and safety construction

5. Can be moved by crane or other lifting tools, the relocation of the frame body can be completed at one time

6. Quickly and simple assembly and dismantling


 Ringlock scaffolding system is widely used all over the world. We ADTOscaffold is one of the leading professional scaffolding manufacturers in China. We provide ringlock scaffolding made of hot-dip galvanized steel for sale. 


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