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YanDa Industrial Group

YanDa Group, founded in 1998, has developed into a large-scale industrial group integrating real estate, engineering and building materials, based on the scaffolding and aluminum formwork products at the forefront of the project. READ MORE

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YanDa Manufacturing Progress
  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Mechanical Processing
  • Automatic Welding
  • Surface Treatment
The new type of scaffolds from YanDa are made of high-quality steel and manufactured with electronic control digital welding equipment. Typically, the incoming raw materials will be strictly inspected. Before processing, all the components and parts of scaffolds will go through certain mechanical processes, following the instructions of the blueprints, and then we will weld the components and parts together while assuring the structure and quality of scaffolds comply with the blueprints strictly as well. After welding, the products will experience hot-dip galvanizing anti-rust treatment processes, including hot-dip galvanizing, electro galvanizing, power spray, spray painting, etc., which are complied with ISO quality management system standards. To ensure the quality of products, finally YanDa will run strict inspections and tests, for example, we will erect scaffolds to make sure the products are precisely manufactured.
YanDa Solution
YanDa Scaffold is a leading building material supplier and manufacture in China, focus on the construction industry for more than 20 years experience. Our scaffoldings are widely used in varous industries, such as in Buildings, mines,tunnels, bridges, and other construction projects.
YanDa Advantage

  • Rich Experience

    For over 20 years now, YanDa has been dedicated to providing one-stop building materials&equipment solutions.

  • Quality Ensured

    All the products from YanDa are strictly inspected and tested, so we can offer quality solutions together with contractors, tradesmen, scaffolders and architects.

  • Certifications

    YanDa has been certified by the ISO9001 quality system and has passed CE, AS/NZS, EN131, JIS, RISE, and other dozens of authoritative certifications.

  • Production Base

    YanDa has 10 factories with more than 400,000 square meters of production site.

  • Competitive

    With huge manufacturing capacity, YanDa Scaffold can offer you the most competitive price with quality assured.